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Should You Join a Gym or Workout at Home


Should You Join a Gym or Workout at Home

Should you join a gym to lose weight? It depends on your personality and your current life situation.

Join the gym if you are a "gym rat," someone who likes to be inside and does not mind being around other sweaty rats. Rats in the laboratory don't seem to mind running on wheels.

If you don't mind riding a stationary bike

for hours while strangers in the gym look at you; then joining a gym makes sense. 

Women often wonder if they should select a female-only gym. This is a great idea whether you are married or not.

Some people claim they pick up guys at the gym, but mixing workouts with pleasure can only lead to complications that derail your fitness plans.

I wondered, should I join a gym, when my children were enrolled in half-day kindergarten classes.

It fit into my schedule at that time to drop them off at school, go to an all-female workout club for a few hours, run an errand nearby and then pick them up.

But that does not mean it made any sense for me to join a gym a few years later when my circumstances changed.

If you are mom, find out whether the gym offers complimentary child care while you work out. If so, is the childcare supervision up to your standards.

Here are a few things to consider when asking, "Should I join a gym?"

  1. Would I rather pay the gym $50 or whatever a month or pay myself that money in cash to buy exercise equipment and rewards for sticking to a fitness plan at home?
  2. How much money will it really cost to join the gym. Write down the cost of gasoline to get to the gym, membership start-up fees, monthly fees, clothing you would buy because of the membership and other expenses.
  3. Could I spend more time with my children, friends or other family members by working out on my own? How can I exercise with my family or friends without spending money?
  4. Have I belonged to a gym in the past? If so, how many times a month did I use the membership? If you went less than once a week in the past, what makes you think this time will be different?
  5. Do I catch colds easily by being around other sick people? What is my tolerance level for crowds of people?

If you like to watch television while working out, buy an elliptical or treadmill and set it up in the room with the television.

If you like to be outside, take your cell phone with you and talk on speaker while walking.

Find hiking paths in your area. Buy a bicycle (they are less money than yearly gym memberships) and bike to visit friends or to destinations.

Should you join a gym? Join a gym membership only if you need to for scheduling purposes.

Although you would never know it walking into a gym and seeing the personal trainers and sales people - here's a little secret. Exercise is free!

Seniors Getting Exercise Through Mall Walking


Seniors Getting Exercise Through Mall Walking

According to the Social Security Administration, senior citizens who reach the age of 65 are more likely to live an average of another 15 years.


With the average life expectancy in America at 77.9 years old, Senior citizens are becoming more aware of maintaining their health. This is not only dependent upon doctor visits and taking medication.


Through exercise, diet and social activities, seniors are finding that the quality of life can be improved and they can increase their strength through exercise.


Not all seniors have access to fitness centers or health clubs; many cannot afford to join the commercial ones and some towns don't have community centers for senior citizens. This doesn't mean that there are no methods for seniors to address the situation.


Most reports and doctors agree that the most effective form of exercise for people of all ages, including seniors, is walking.


So, with a little creativity, seniors have found a way to get their exercise on a regular basis in a safe, efficient manner, regardless of the weather. And, besides, it's free!


Throughout America, there are a multitude of shopping malls. In many locales these malls have become sensitive to the needs ot seniors, not just as consumers by providing the products that seniors may need or want to purchase.


But many malls are now opening their main entrances an hour or so before their stores to allow seniors to come into the malls and walk. That's right; seniors are getting their exercise through mall walking!


Given some thought, it is a brilliant idea. Seniors can meet at the mall and walk together at whatever pace is comfortable for them, without getting in the way of shoppers and without getting run over by young people riding on their "wheelies". There are benches everywhere, so if someone needs to take a break, they can just sit down for a few minutes.


There are public rest rooms at the food courts and water fountains for those that don't want to carry water bottles with them. Most importantly, there is mall security so that the seniors are safe.

Of course, walking outside is the ideal solution whenever possible, breathing fresh air and enjoying nature. However, this isn't always possible. Consider weather as one variable.


A senior who is used to walking three to five times a week may live in a town like Seattle where rain and dampness could make walking outside uncomfortable. Young people may not mind the moisture, but it may affect a senior with arthtritis in a painful way. Then, of course, there is temperature.


When the mercury dips below a certain number, many seniors prefer to stay indoors (unless they live in Florida), but if they have transportation to the mall, once inside they can take advantage of the constant indoor temperature and not have to worry about a cloudburst causing them to seek cover.

During the winter, in colder climates, heating a residence may be very expensive for a senior citizen on a fixed income. Before leaving for the mall, the thermostat can be turned down, saving money on heating.


Conversely, in the summer, seniors can save money on energy by turning off their air conditioning and going to the mall in the morning or even later on in the day to take advantage of the temperature control and at the same time, they can get their exercise.
In one small town in Florida, there is a group of seniors who meet regularly at the local mall to walk a number of laps.


They get there early and many of them leave before the stores open. But, there has to be some benefit to the mall, as well. These seniors feel comfortable walking there, so they feel comfortable shopping there.


They appreciate the facility providing them with a free, safe place to exercise and therefore, they are more likely to patronize the businesses whose windows they look through while walking. Not all seniors are on fixed incomes.


Some who live alone just enjoy the comfort and company of others like them, so meeting at the mall is a great place to start the day.


Perhaps, once they're done walking, they'll stop and buy a cup of coffee and go shopping for themselves or their grandchildren.

Healthy seniors generally pose no threat so the malls have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


The seniors get their daily walks, make new friends, stay safe, warm and dry, and the community knows that the mall is providing one extra service beyond offering movie theaters and stores for consumers.


With the growing number of seniors in the population, especially the growing number of healthy seniors, shopping malls provide a great environment for those seniors to get their exercise.

Top Five Gym Exercises You Can Do at Home


Top Five Gym Exercises You Can Do at Home

This is a list of the best exercises to build muscle and lose weight. The goal of any fitness program should be to build healthy lean muscle which in turn burns fat.

The best way to do this is to perform compound free weight exercises. They maximize muscle recruitment by using multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners.

Here are the top 5 Gym Exercises You Can Do at Home:

  1. Deadlift - basically a full body exercise. Works glutes, quads, hamstrings, back, calves, arms.
  2. Squat - similar to the deadlift. Works quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back.
  3. Bench Press- Upper body exercise. Works the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps. Check out Ntaifitness Bench Press Machines 
  4. Pull up - Upper body exercise. Works muscles of the back and biceps.
  5. 5Lunges - Lower body exercise. Works the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves.

These five exercises will maximize your time in the gym and give you the best results. You will get a full body workout, increase muscle mass, and thus burn more calories. If you are a beginner start out small, don't try to over do anything.

Use weight you are comfortable with and build from there. There are so many variations to all of these exercises you could build a variety of routines to keep you interested and your muscles stimulated.
After you have established a solid routine you can then start experimenting with different exercises. However, these exercises and their variations should remain the focus of any workout.

It is important to focus on balance, variation, and intensity in your workouts. If it feels like it is too easy, it probably is.

You should try challenge yourself in some way every time you workout. That does not mean that the weight needs to get heavier each time.

There is obviously a limit on how fast you can advance in weight. Instead, there are may other variables that you can change. For example, order of the the exercises is important.

Do not perform the same order of exercises each time you exercise. If you were to do this, then every time you get to your last exercise you would always be too tired to perform it at your best.

Instead, do the exercise you usually perform last at the start of your routine and you will be surprised at how well you can perform the exercise.
Second, rest is another important variable. Rest times can either be increased or decreased. Decreasing rest time leaves you in a weaker state when you perform the next set. By extending your rest time you give your body enough time to recover and perform the exercise again.

So you can experiment with different rest times depending on your goals. Generally, keep rest times between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
Lastly, you can change the sets and repetitions for each exercise. This will increase the volume that you can complete in a workout. Examples are 3 sets of 10 reps, 4 sets of 12 reps, 5 sets of 8 reps. There are unlimited possibilities.

You can aim to do a different grouping each time you exercise. Remember, variety is key. Once your body adapts to your routine your results will suffer.

Keep your body guessing and the results you are after will be your reward for all your hard work.








自由重量训练器械对稳定肌肉提出了更高的要求,并且存在无尽的变化以保持训练乐趣。只需使用几套哑铃,我就可以为我的家庭客户创建各种综合锻炼方案。” Esther Choi Williams私人教练兼fitblvd和Gym Source VIP私人教练的创始人解释道。










7 Simple Tips for Weight Loss at Home

Goals are a wonderful way to inspire us towards getting the things in life that we want, but more often than not, they simply end up unattained and we get frustrated (again) at the end of the year.

You can attain your goals or resolutions, but only IF you know how to go about setting them up correctly in the first place. And I'll give you a few useful pointers to help you get started on the right track...

- Begin with the end in mind. What's the end result you want to achieve? Do you want to lose weight? Or do you want to drop 1 dress size instead?

- Get specific and be realistic. It's not enough to just say "I want to lose weight." How much do you want to lose _exactly_? By when? A better goal is to say "I want to lose 11 pounds in 3 months." And make sure your goal is realistic.


If you want to drop 27 pounds, it's not realistic to say you want to do that within the next 7 days, not to mention that it's not healthy to do that!


Or if you've been putting on the weight slowly over the last 10 years, it's not quite realistic to say you want to go back to your weight 10 years ago within a month.

- Break it down into smaller and easier "baby steps." Let's say you want to lose 20 pounds. That seems like an insurmountable task, but it becomes easier to manage if you look at it as losing an average of 1 pound per week, over a course of 20 weeks.


Now's that manageable! For you to lose a pound a week, you only need to create a calorie deficit of about 500 calories per day by controlling your diet and increasing your amount of exercise, running on a treadmill or buy a power rack for your home gym

- Okay, now for the big "secret" -- the missing key to achieving your goals: Write down your "Why" i.e. what are you doing this for? Most people skip this step, and it's a primary reason why they never seem to achieve their goals. It's absolutely critical for you to write down the reasons why you want to achieve each specific goal.


For example, if the goal is to "lose 20 pounds in 6 months," write down why you want to lose that weight. And here's another tip: Make it "personal and emotional." The more "emotional" the reason, the more likely you'll be driven towards the goal. So, let's say you've got kids.


An example of a good "reason why" is "I know being overweight is a leading cause of many health problems -- I will lose the 20 pounds and get healthier so that I will not be a burden to my children, and be able to stay healthy long enough to attend my daughter's wedding and be there to carry my grandchildren." Assuming all these things are important to you, of course. :-) But I'm sure you get the picture.

- "Write it down and put it up!" It's usually not good enough to just think of the goals in your head. You need to write down all your specific goals and the "reasons why," and then paste it up where you will look at it every day.


Don't write it down on a notebook and chuck that inside the drawer. Instead, paste it up on your dressing table mirror, or anywhere else that is in plain sight. Remember, "out of sight, out of mind!"

- Do not be too ambitious. Aim for a loss of 1-2 pounds per week, at the max! Losing more than that amount is bad for you. And it'll most probably be caused by a loss of water and/or muscle, rather than your unwanted excess body fat.

- Be realistic and "go with the flow." The pounds didn't come on overnight, so don't expect them to disappear in a jiffy too. And sometimes the weight loss isn't as fast (or as much) as planned. But don't get stressed out, because stress will only add on the pounds.

It's important that you don't think of the weight loss process as "all or nothing." Instead, think of it as "slowly but surely." The weight may go up a little sometimes, but if you stick to your plan, you'll still be delighted at the end of the year!

Use these simple steps and make a positive difference in your life this year! Best of luck!


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15-Minute Pilates Machine Exercises for Beginners

Pilates is one of the simplest exercise machines. You can get this machine starting from INR 250 itself. This doesn’t occupy much space also. It is very simple to handle.

These are some of the many other reasons why any beginner has to invest in this machine. Once you purchase, this machine, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of a few basic exercises. 15 minutes is kept as the standard time for beginners who use the Pilates machine.

Hundred on the Pilates Reformer Machine

Hundred on the Reformer | OPC

Hundred on the Pilates Reformer Machine requires you to lie on your back with your legs placed near the position of the springs.

Using the band, tie your wrist on to the spring. Make sure to rest in a position where your legs are lifted and tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

Curl both your head and shoulder, pulse your leg in and out by using the resistance provided by the band attached to the spring.

You need to inhale while pulling your legs in and exhale while pushing it out. This should be repeated for about 100 counts.

Twist and Reach

Shortbox Twist and Reach on the Reformer -Lesley Logan Pilates

You don’t have to use the entire Pilates machine, you can just make use of the rope alone. You need to sit on the mat with your legs spread at a width which is as same as the width of your hip.

You need to take the rope atop of your head like how you hold a barbell, a little larger than the width of your shoulder.

Facing straight, you have to twist your body and then come back to the original position. This has to be done for the left and the right movements as well.

Pulling Straps

Pulling Straps (Part 1 & 2) on the Reformer - Exercise Demo - Lesley Logan Pilates

When you purchase the reformer machine, it usually comes along with a long box. You can use this accessory, once you have finished the above two exercises as it would have provided you the required flexibility.

You should be facing the spring and tie your hands on to the rope.

You need to lie on your stomach on the top of the long box with your chest out of the long box.

When your hands are near the spring, you need to let it loose and your head should be curled down on to the floor. You need to pull yourself away from the spring using your hands and lifting your head from the floor.

Kneeling Knee Stretches

7 Stiff Knee Stretches - Ask Doctor Jo

This kind of exercise requires you to kneel on the Pilates reformer machine. There are two kinds of rest on the Pilates reformer machine.

One is stationary and the other one is foldable with a cushion attached to it. You need to hold on to the stationary hand rest for support and press your feet on the other leg rest and push the reformer machine towards the stationary leg rest and pull yourself back.

Repeat this for 10 counts initially and then steadily increase it.

Pilates is the kind of exercises where you make use of major muscles in your body. This helps in weight reduction and toning your body.

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How much does a good treadmill cost


How much is a good treadmill cost?

How much do treadmills cost on average?

Let me tell you how much it costs for the treadmill, If you want to buy treadmill, you can contact us! We are treadmill manufacturers!

The types of treadmills

  • Home treadmills: These treadmills are commonly used by individuals and families and are often seen on the market. Home treadmills are divided into three categories, single-function treadmills, multi-function treadmills, walking machines, professional treadmills are single-function treadmills; multi-functional treadmills, adding sit-ups and shakers Function; walking machine is only able to make a quick walk compared to thin.
  •  Light commercial treadmills: These types of treadmills are used by large weight individuals and small companies in small companies.
  • Commercial treadmills: These treadmills for sale are used in gyms and health clubs. We usually use commercial treadmills in the gym.

Cheap Electric Treadmill for Sale, Cheap Commercial Treadmills

The Cost of home treadmills

  • Single-function treadmills: Generally, such treadmills are some professional brands. Generally, it is different from imported brands or domestic brands. If you look at this treadmill, it is not a single-function. As long as it is more than 80% of single functions, it is foreign. Brands, of course, some of them are also single-function, but less. The price of treadmills of this kind of foreign brand starts from 450USD. You can go to the major e-commerce platforms to find out.
  • Multi-functional treadmills: 100% of these treadmills are domestic treadmills, and good ones may be exported. The price of such treadmills can vary from 350-740USD to these price segments. The price range is from 260-550USD.
  • Walking machine: This type of treadmill is a small treadmill, less than 160USD, buy this kind of treadmill, if it is for children to play, there is nothing to say.
  • Light commercial treadmills: These treadmills also belong to the category of home treadmills. Generally, there are more personal large-weight users and small gymnasiums. The prices of these types are basically different from foreign brands and domestic brands. The price is from 1200-2975 USD.

Skillmill Non-motorized Self-generated Curved Treadmill for Sale

The Cost of commercial treadmills

  • The domestic price of commercial treadmills is basically 1180USD. If this is a unit purchase, the price of each dealer will have a floating price. If the quantity is large, it is recommended to negotiate directly with the manufacturer.
  • Commercial treadmills are basically starting at 1480USD, and the best commercial treadmills may be more than1680USD. That is the international first-line brand.
  • curved treadmill: The speed is self-control, and the curved treadmill design effectively improves the comfort of the ankle joint, reduces the joint impact, overcomes the footsteps of passive running and can not keep up with the impact of the running belt on the knee joint, and there is no risk of an accidental sudden stop.
Advantages of curved treadmills
  •  Self-discipline, no interference:Aerobic jogging, speed sprint, soothing walking, stop running, runners do not need to touch any buttons, no interference, only need to change the body center of gravity forward or backward to control the running speed and state, is self-discipline running, autonomous movement.
  • Comfort and correct posture:The innovative patented curved treadmill design effectively improves the comfort of the ankle joint and reduces joint effects. When the runner runs on a curved unpowered treadmill, the human body actively uses the big toe, and the big toe directly connects the “deep front muscle fascia” to start the whole body operation, helping to improve the exercise effect (equivalent to twice the ordinary treadmill). At the same time, it plays a role in stability and coordination, and long-term training can effectively correct the running posture.
  • Shock absorption and long life:The crawler belt is made of advanced composite material and incorporates a soft cushion and patented spring to meet the high service life requirements under heavy loads. Lightweight, large bearing capacity, high shock absorption, no need for training shoes, barefoot.
  • Safety and low damage: Compared with the traditional treadmill, the unpowered treadmill eliminates the running board. Only the crawler-type thick running belt, when the runner runs, the reaction force of the running belt is far less than the force of the foot, which can be a large degree. Reduce the damage to running on the knee joint.
  • Environmental protection · saving money: Without the electric treadmill, the runner can exercise independently through the human body without using electricity, and it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Compared with the ordinary treadmill, it saves nearly 5,600 yuan in electricity every year. The track system consists of precision mechanical components, including the pulley and roller and belt system of the pulley system, which is smoother and safer, and the maintenance cost is close to zero.


The manufacturer's website is usually the best source for treadmill deals for a few reasons.

  1. Fitness machine manufacturers do most or all of their business online. This lets them avoid property taxes, utility bills and other overhead associated with owning physical stores.
  2. They save money by delivering directly to customers’ homes or health clubs. With physical shops, in contrast, two deliveries are figured into overall expenses: one to the shop and one to the consumer.
  3. Manufacturers save on shipping heavy equipment because they do so much of it. They get volume discounts and pass the savings along to consumers.