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Should You Join a Gym or Workout at Home


Should You Join a Gym or Workout at Home

Should you join a gym to lose weight? It depends on your personality and your current life situation.

Join the gym if you are a "gym rat," someone who likes to be inside and does not mind being around other sweaty rats. Rats in the laboratory don't seem to mind running on wheels.

If you don't mind riding a stationary bike

for hours while strangers in the gym look at you; then joining a gym makes sense. 

Women often wonder if they should select a female-only gym. This is a great idea whether you are married or not.

Some people claim they pick up guys at the gym, but mixing workouts with pleasure can only lead to complications that derail your fitness plans.

I wondered, should I join a gym, when my children were enrolled in half-day kindergarten classes.

It fit into my schedule at that time to drop them off at school, go to an all-female workout club for a few hours, run an errand nearby and then pick them up.

But that does not mean it made any sense for me to join a gym a few years later when my circumstances changed.

If you are mom, find out whether the gym offers complimentary child care while you work out. If so, is the childcare supervision up to your standards.

Here are a few things to consider when asking, "Should I join a gym?"

  1. Would I rather pay the gym $50 or whatever a month or pay myself that money in cash to buy exercise equipment and rewards for sticking to a fitness plan at home?
  2. How much money will it really cost to join the gym. Write down the cost of gasoline to get to the gym, membership start-up fees, monthly fees, clothing you would buy because of the membership and other expenses.
  3. Could I spend more time with my children, friends or other family members by working out on my own? How can I exercise with my family or friends without spending money?
  4. Have I belonged to a gym in the past? If so, how many times a month did I use the membership? If you went less than once a week in the past, what makes you think this time will be different?
  5. Do I catch colds easily by being around other sick people? What is my tolerance level for crowds of people?

If you like to watch television while working out, buy an elliptical or treadmill and set it up in the room with the television.

If you like to be outside, take your cell phone with you and talk on speaker while walking.

Find hiking paths in your area. Buy a bicycle (they are less money than yearly gym memberships) and bike to visit friends or to destinations.

Should you join a gym? Join a gym membership only if you need to for scheduling purposes.

Although you would never know it walking into a gym and seeing the personal trainers and sales people - here's a little secret. Exercise is free!