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Tips for Beginners: Exercising and the Gym


Tips for Beginners: Exercising and the Gym

The calorie meter, pedometer, step counter, or burn meter are popular devices many people use while exercising. It tells you how much calories you have burned during a specific time.

If you are watching you caloric intake because of a diseases or you are on a diet this device can be very useful. Or is it? Let say for example it says you took 500 steps and on your meter it says you have burned 700 calories (it is just an example).

However, the meter may be based on an average walking speed, which is around 2 to 5 miles per hours. Therefore, if you run as fast as you can and take 500 steps you will burn a lot more calories than that. 

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Sometimes the meter with tell you how long you have exercised and calculate your calorie consumption.

However if you walk for 5 minutes at 2 miles per hour it'll be different compared to running at 15 miles per hour.

If you are losing weight, building muscles, or just trying to get healthier you know trying harder and keeping up the good work is key. However, you should not push yourself beyond your limits.


Do the best you can do but do not overdo it. I will give a couple of examples: You have a broken ankle but it does not hurt that much so you decide to go for a light jog.


This is bad in many reasons, there are shock absorbers in you ankle, and if it is broken, it will hurt every time you run. If you make one false move, your injury will most likely be worse.

Or if you over do it. You lift 50-pound weights and then hurt yourself, or get right to it and not knowing the instructions. These may seem small but the mean big.

Keeping track of your work is very important. It can allow you to see progression; you can review, and do all sorts of useful things. Unfortunately, many people do not do it. Keeping track of your work is very important in excising.

It allows you to set goals for the future, improve self-confidence, and give you valuable information. People who do not keep track have no idea most of the time what they are doing or even if their supposed to be doing it.


Even just jotting down simple things like how long you exercised or what kind of weights you lifted can help you a lot. Modern pedometer, treadmills, or other exercising equipment will allow you to record your achievements. Although it may not seem like much, it will bring you many benefits.

Many people who exercise have probably heard this many times "Always stretch for 5 to 10 minutes be for exercising." However, do people really do it? You may think stretch it just something we do because of comfort. However, during exercising it allows you to relax you muscles, blood vessels, and tendons.

This can prevent many problems such as cramps, blood loss, shallow breathing, and injury in general. When stretching you should stretch all the part of your body you can.

Stretching will also improve metal abilities and relief stress. In fact, people who take yoga classes or other activity that include stretching and relaxation preform much better in sports in all aspects.

Exercising is tedious and many people decide to use equipment for their exercising needs, which is a good thing. However sometime the equipment may not be correct, the person is not using it properly, or some other problem.

Not using you equipment the right way not only may not be helpful, but it can be dangerous and sometimes life threatening.

Before using your equipment do your research, ask, and use common sense. All these can help you take full advantage of your equipment and be safe.

There are free gyms out there, but chances are that yours requires a fee. It is wise to see which deal is the best. Let us say you go to the gym every 2 days and that your gym charges a 5-dollar fee every time you visit.

The monthly pass cost 20 dollars so clearly the monthly pass deal is more worth it. Since there are 30 days in a month divide by 2 is 15, 15 times five is 75 so you will end up paying 75 dollars if you do not buy the monthly pass.

Now let us say that you go to the gym once every 2 weeks there and 4 weeks are in a month, so 2 times five is 10 dollars. Therefore, you are better off paying the visit fee.

Exercising is very fun but there are still things you should be aware of. Do your research, do not be afraid to ask for help, and use common sense. Have fun!