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15-Minute Pilates Machine Exercises for Beginners

Pilates is one of the simplest exercise machines. You can get this machine starting from INR 250 itself. This doesn’t occupy much space also. It is very simple to handle.

These are some of the many other reasons why any beginner has to invest in this machine. Once you purchase, this machine, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of a few basic exercises. 15 minutes is kept as the standard time for beginners who use the Pilates machine.

Hundred on the Pilates Reformer Machine

Hundred on the Reformer | OPC

Hundred on the Pilates Reformer Machine requires you to lie on your back with your legs placed near the position of the springs.

Using the band, tie your wrist on to the spring. Make sure to rest in a position where your legs are lifted and tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

Curl both your head and shoulder, pulse your leg in and out by using the resistance provided by the band attached to the spring.

You need to inhale while pulling your legs in and exhale while pushing it out. This should be repeated for about 100 counts.

Twist and Reach

Shortbox Twist and Reach on the Reformer -Lesley Logan Pilates

You don’t have to use the entire Pilates machine, you can just make use of the rope alone. You need to sit on the mat with your legs spread at a width which is as same as the width of your hip.

You need to take the rope atop of your head like how you hold a barbell, a little larger than the width of your shoulder.

Facing straight, you have to twist your body and then come back to the original position. This has to be done for the left and the right movements as well.

Pulling Straps

Pulling Straps (Part 1 & 2) on the Reformer - Exercise Demo - Lesley Logan Pilates

When you purchase the reformer machine, it usually comes along with a long box. You can use this accessory, once you have finished the above two exercises as it would have provided you the required flexibility.

You should be facing the spring and tie your hands on to the rope.

You need to lie on your stomach on the top of the long box with your chest out of the long box.

When your hands are near the spring, you need to let it loose and your head should be curled down on to the floor. You need to pull yourself away from the spring using your hands and lifting your head from the floor.

Kneeling Knee Stretches

7 Stiff Knee Stretches - Ask Doctor Jo

This kind of exercise requires you to kneel on the Pilates reformer machine. There are two kinds of rest on the Pilates reformer machine.

One is stationary and the other one is foldable with a cushion attached to it. You need to hold on to the stationary hand rest for support and press your feet on the other leg rest and push the reformer machine towards the stationary leg rest and pull yourself back.

Repeat this for 10 counts initially and then steadily increase it.

Pilates is the kind of exercises where you make use of major muscles in your body. This helps in weight reduction and toning your body.

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